“The computer is the most powerful artists’ tool we have ever known” says Peter Goldfield, one of the most radical exponents of the digital revolution.  For 20 years his workshops at Duckspool in Somerset have covered the full spectrum of computer-based image making, encouraging hundreds of students to express their artistic concepts.

Intensive tutorials, tailored to your needs, with Peter Goldfield at Duckspool, offer a unique opportunity for learning or extending the creative aspects of digital imagery.

Duckspool is also an outlet for purchasing artworks (view online and deliver to your door!), commissioning special projects, lectures, conventions, and personal tutoring or classroom instruction. Contact us

"One of the world’s most avant-garde digital artists" (quote!), Goldfield has produced images of the utmost beauty and creativity, using visual resources from both the natural and man-made environments. He was one of the commissioned artists for the "Year of the Artist" in 2000.

Tuition in digital photography and other lens based practices (video, multimedia) focuses solely on the artistic output.  “Most people today know how to use a digital camera, and a computer,” he says.  “We concentrate on getting images out of the computer, whether to make beautiful ‘photographic’ prints, or use a new way of presentation; from computer monitor to plasma screens, outdoor video projection or banner art for public buildings and public displays. From DVD authoring to web galleries, there are so many new and exciting possibilities – and we do them all.”

“You may learn to do things you never even thought of!” 

Costs are often sponsored and funded by local educational institutions and commercial companies, and thus may be free of charge to participants. (Enquire about training sessions from Staff Training Resources.)

“I am still awestruck.  The five days I spent at Duckspool has probably
been the most important event for me in the last seven years.”

To gather core imagery for his pictures, Peter Goldfield draws from a variety of sources, from scanned negatives or prints, high resolution digital photos and even frames grabbed from digital video, as well as appropriating visual sources from the television and the Internet.  He has recently produced a number of extra large scale photographic banners, using Epson’s 44" wide inkjet printer.

The printer is available for custom commissions, especially  "very big" interior and exterior situations.

He believes that new technologies offer tremendous possibilities to artists and potential artists, and would encourage children to use these new methods to express their artistic capacities.

“It has really helped me to clarify the techniques involved in
digital photography, and to go ahead with more confidence
 and (after seeing your work) more enthusiasm.”

At Duckspool, on 1-2-1, 2-2-1 and larger group workshops, designed individually, students may learn such techniques as:

  • digital origination from still or video,

  • scanning from negatives or prints,

  • photo editing tools such as Adobe PhotoShop,

  • graphic tools such as Adobe Illustrator,

  • desktop publishing with Adobe InDesign,

  • video editing and

  • video effects with Adobe Premiere Pro and After Effects,

  • printing for archival permanence,

  • DVD authoring with Adobe Encore and even

  • sound editing with Adobe Audition. Microsoft’s FrontPage is used for

  • web site production, all with a view to encouraging creativity. 

Duckspool, the 16th century farm complex in Somerset’s Quantock Hills, renowned as “the home of the photography workshop” was established in 1985 as the country’s first educational resource for alternative contemporary media. Continuously monitoring the enormous changes in photographic practices, Peter Goldfield can provide the links to future technology and concepts that will be essential to 21st century artists.

“I am familiar with the value of a computer as a business tool,
but to see it now as a creative tool is very exciting. 
Thanks for opening yet another door!" 

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Tel: 01823-451305