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Digital Filmic Arts

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Tailor made courses for beginners, graduates and advanced.

Move towards creative use of amazingly powerful tools with an inevitable discussion of the artistic process as a bonus, or "simply" learn to make records of your own artworks - or preferably - both!

Cameras sComputers sFine Art Giclee Digital Printmaking sDesk Top Publishing Design sVideo Making sNon Linear Editing (home movies!) sArtists Videos using post-production techniques sDVD Authoring and do it yourself Web Galleries

Suitable for all levels of interest in photography & computing, including high levels of technophobia!!!  Two day or more sessions are held in a friendly, relaxed atmosphere where the training is arranged to suit your own needs and interests.

Ask questions - get answers.


   Choose your own topics and lets discuss a plan of action...

Electronic Photography

Introduction to going digital

How to get images into the computer; via scanning prints & negatives, your digital camera/video, and other routes.
What to do with the images once they're in there!
How to get the images out of the computer - whether to make beautiful "photographic" prints or use one of the many new ways of presentation.
How to use your own digital equipment, electronic camera, and software programs.


Mainly using industry standard software programmes from Adobe, Macromedia or Microsoft, but other applications are often introduced, or can be discussed.


Photoshop and Imaging Tools

Application of imaging tools - especially Photoshop

How to effectively scan images/objects
Image manipulation - the electronic Zone System
Computer aided design, the difference between Vector and bitmap programs, Adobe Illustrator versus Adobe Photoshop
Montage of images and desk top publishing using Adobe InDesign
Colour printing to archival standards
Alternative processes and Panoramas via the computer
File management - how to store images

The Internet

History of the Internet and digital imaging
How to publish images on the web
The easy approach to HTML - demonstration of FrontPage Software
How to e-mail, look for sites on the web
Using search engines and downloading files
Choosing a service provider
Online tour of current examples of multimedia artists' sites

Video and DVD

Introduction to movie making (NLE - Non Linear Editing), Video Cameras, Video and Computers, sound, multimedia, animation and beyond with software such as Premiere Pro, After Effects.

New DVD Authoring and making, using Adobe Encore

The Tutor

Peter Goldfield is an internationally artist, computer adventurer extraordinaire - online since 1976, digital artist and founder of the Duckspool Photography workshops. Peter has taught at St Martins School of Art, University of West England, and The International Center for Photography in New York. He is a contributor to the Year of the Artist and a panel selector for South West Arts. He was one of a thousand selected artists in Great Britain commissioned to produce public art works for The Year of the Artist. (see Flying Colours/ Somerset Arts Week  and "A DROP TO DRINK"

Peter is an experienced tutor with a wide knowledge of photography and computing history. He has a broad understanding of its applications without getting too bogged down in the dry technical side. His approach to teaching is straight forward and inclusive of new ideas and approaches. Your tuition days will be enjoyable and informative bringing you closer to understanding the world of Photography, Movie Making, Digital Arts and the Internet.


Booking (effective 1st March 2006)

v  1-2-1 individual tuition
345 for 2 days,
extra days 145
(a single day is a bit intensive,
but if that's all you've got
the price is 200.

v  2-2-1 Bring a friend or colleague (only one!) 
245  each for 2 days ,
extra days 100 each per day 


For 1-2-1 and 2-2-1 lunch and coffee breaks are included in the price: 

Overnight stay with us usually not available, probably best we have a break! Plenty of B&B, Local Accommodation and places for evening meals.

* Please arrive about 9:45 for a 10:00 start. 


PLEASE CALL or E-MAIL - taking bookings through to 2008

Phone for dates of available tuition days and to discuss your specific training requirements. (Week days or weekends)

TELEPHONE: 01823 451305


e-mail:    Peter Goldfield

Occasionally  Peter holds 2-day workshops with up to 6 people.
These workshops provide a more interactive environment than 121 teaching and are a little cheaper! Meeting other like-minded people can be a great stimulus! Got a group? - make a date!

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