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Peter Goldfield has 25 years of experience teaching and consulting on Digital Photography, Video and Multimedia, in many diverse situations

He has co-ordinated conferences on Photography, advised on European mixed media arts projects, developed contemporary Photography courses and been a panel selector for the Arts Council.

For Part-Time lecturing or Masterclasses on Photography and New Media as Fine Art, which have a reputation for enthusing and enabling, contact...

by e-mail peter@duckspool.com
phone: 01823-451305


The Photographers Place, Derbyshire

St Martins School of Art

Sir John Cass (Guildhall University)

Photographers at Duckspool

University of Westminster

School of Photography, Newport

University of Central England, Birmingham

Association of Finnish Photographers

National Museum of Scotland

University of West England, Bristol

Falmouth School of Art

University of Swansea

Institute of Contemporary Photography, New York

Tuscan Photography Initiative

University of Derby