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Photographers at Duckspool Home of the Photography Workshop

Peter Goldfield

Peter Goldfield’s exhibitions, Second Sight, See-Saw and Man Made have been seen internationally. He has taught at St. Martin’s School of Art, London, and the University of West England as well as leading workshops in exotic locations, from Finland to Derbyshire, the International Center for Photography in New York, and lectured as ‘The Electronic Cheapskate’ at the Photographers’ Gallery (referring to the cost of equipment - not quality of work!). Previously well known running Goldfinger and Fingerprints Gallery in London and author of the, now almost mythical, Goldfinger Craftbook for Creative Photography, before setting up Photographers at Duckspool. Fearful Symmetry, a personal photographic interpretation of England’s Fenland was produced between 1982 and 1990, incorporating contemporary poetry and glass engraving. Particularly interested in the distinction between photographic and human seeing, Leaves of Wood (1985-1990), resulted from his move to the Somerset countryside in 1985. He has been working within the photographic tradition using electronic cameras and a computer "lightroom" for the last few years. New work was exhibited in 1997 at the Golowan Festival and as part of DePICT, a collection of digital photography projects in progress by leading exponents in the field, at Photofusion in Brixton, London in 1999. He is a contributor to the Year of the Artist in 2000 and a panel selector for South West Arts
He is currently one of a thousand selected artists in Great Britain commissioned to produce public art works for The Year of the Artist. (see Flying Colours/ Somerset Arts Week
A Drop To Drink, massive digital photographic sculptures commences in September 2000

About the workshop

Everything you wanted to know about Electronic Imaging, Digital Photography and the Internet - suitable for all levels of Photography, & high levels of technophobia!

Peter’s interest in the new digital medium has developed since 1978 when he purchased (second-hand) an 8k Commodore Pet. Progressing to networking two thrown out 64k machines from Barclays Bank. After setting up Duckspool, another second-hand 386 20Mhz got him involved in trying to make and print images and he transferred his own practice to making photographs solely via electronic means with a video camera.
If any of the above is gobbledygook this workshop will explain all. Limited to 6 participants it will explain the options for making images and getting them into the computer, what to do with them when they’re there (including PhotoShop) and the different ways, including printing, of getting them out again! The Internet and how to publish your own work on a Web site. By the end of the workshop you should feel confident enough to rebuff the salesmen, make your own choices from a position of strength and come again in April for a hands-on four-day experience!

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One can explain everything about art, except the bit that matters

Georges Braque


Peter Goldfield Links

A Drop to Drink - recent electronic work

... Peter Goldfield is an artist working with photography who hates the word 'photographer'
and all that it connotes. A variety of influences have honed his ...
Picturing the Docks: Responses
... Mandala-pompier'. Peter Goldfield. Click to view the image full
size. Original image: Beached Boat and Bystanders [no date].

Duckspool Shoot - Peter Goldfield
... click to return to index. click to return to index. Peter Goldfield. Peter displays
one of his long `concoctions' derived from several video frames. ...

Martin Parr @ Duckspool Shoot April 2001
An intriguing visit to. Duckspool. - the home of Photography
Workshops. It's driver and mentor - Peter Goldfield. ...

A Drop To Drink
... A Drop To Drink Artist: Peter Goldfield Langport Community Pool Team: Huish Episcopi
Community and Feeder Schools, SPAEDA Business support: Epson Printers, Yeo ...

Day 14
... Peter Goldfield, who owns and manages the workshops is not only interested in photography
and digital photography to boot, but he is a wonderful cook as well. ...

Environment NOW
... Bronwyn Bradshaw FLAGS AND BANNERS at Glastonbury Abbey; Peter Goldfield A DROP TO
DRINK at Langport Community Pool; Andrew Clegg THE MILLENNIUM SEAT at Kingston ...

Peter Goldfield
... Photographer Peter Goldfield Photographers at Duckspool Peter Goldfield's exhibitions,
Second Sight, See-Saw and Man Made have been seen internationally. He ...

Peter Goldfield Family


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